Green Triangle Forest Industries Hub

A unified approach to growing the regional forestry and wood fibre industry.

The Green Triangle is unique in that it contains the breadth of the entire value chain – from seedling cultivation right through to final fibre processing. There is also depth to its value chain – from world leading, international corporations through to start-ups and micro businesses – all are looking for innovative solutions.

In early 2018, nine companies operating in the Green Triangle recognised that a unified approach to growing the regional forestry and wood fibre industry was required to strengthen it for future generations.

It was a unique collaboration representing a cross section of the industry – large and small companies, growers and processors, softwood and hardwood, Victoria and South Australia. Together, these entities represent about 90% of forest industries in the Green Triangle.

Later in 2018, the Federal Government announced its intention to fund defined regional forest industry hubs and launch the “Growing a better Australia” initiative – a billion trees for jobs and growth.” This initiative is aimed at facilitating and stimulating growth in the sector in order to meet growing demand for wood fibre and combat climate change.

The network was successful in its application for funding and the GTFIH was created in April 2019.

Our associate members.

Our associate members are a vital support to the work of the GTFIH.

Our Principles

The implementation of the GT Hub’s Action Agenda will be informed by the following principles:


The Industry’s Product is supported by a mature approach with unrivalled expertise, well established facilities and assets, and in high demand for its quality. We will utilise new thinking and innovation to maximise the value of wood fibre.


The Industry is highly connected and visible with the local Community. We will proactively engage with stakeholders in decisions that affect them.


The Industry’s success is driven by its strong and safe Workforce. A workforce that sees more full-time employment, and higher wages relative to others in the region. Attracting, training and retaining the right people for tomorrow’s world is critical for continued success.


The Industry is committed to Environmentalstewardship. Significant opportunities exist, particularly in the Industry’s ability to help combat climate change through its role in the management of carbon. But the way must be carefully navigated with a strong, unified and loud voice.