Green Triangle Forest Industries Hub

The GTFA is a sub-committee of the GTFIH.

The GTFA, a sub-committee of the Green Triangle Forest Industries Hub (GTFIH), formed earlier this year as a continuation of the Green Triangle Forest Fire Co-operative project which delivered a strategic plan for future forest fire management, focused on cross border harmonisation and decreasing the industry’s exposure to risk from fire.

The work complements the Forest Owners Conference (FOC) which has played a key role in cross border fire and emergency response over the past 40 years which will continue to work closely with the alliance. The GTFA will continue to build on the successful relationships that have been developed between the industry and key fire agencies including the Country Fire Authority (CFA) and Country Fire Services (CFS).

The Green Triangle Fire Alliance’s objective is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of fire suppression, detection and prevention activities by forest owners/managers within the Green Triangle.

The GTFA membership includes nine forest companies, drawn from both hardwood and softwood plantation managers in the Green Triangle.

Experienced forest and fire manager Anthony Walsh was appointed the Green Triangle Fire Alliance’s (GTFA) inaugural fire manager in December 2021.

With almost 20 years’ experience working in the Green Triangle managing some of the region’s largest plantation companies, Mr Walsh has developed strong relationships with key industry stakeholders to implement the region’s first-of-its-kind collaborative forest fire management strategy.

The Hamilton-based forest manager has held the role of regional manager at PF Olsen Australia for the past decade with previous experience in management roles at Sustainable Forest Management Australasia and ITC Limited.

GTFA chair Andrew Matheson said Mr Walsh was a highly respected industry leader with extensive forest fire management experience.

“All of our members are delighted to welcome Anthony to this new forest fire management role. Anthony has a wealth of industry experience and is a leader in his field. He will be instrumental in delivering the alliance’s objectives of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of fire suppression, detection and prevention activities for our forest owners and managers in the Green Triangle,” he said.

“Anthony has proven experience developing sophisticated fire management systems in his role as a regional forest manager and has extensive on-ground fire experience. He has strong relationships with the key fire agencies and is well connected in the region which will support the alliance to advance its ambitious plans.”