Green Triangle Forest Industries Hub


The forest industry is recognised as an important SA economic activity, producing over $2.8b pa and employing over 13,000 workers. Now more than ever, it is critical for the industry to ensure that it has skilled workers who can adapt to new ventures, as industry addresses the challenges of 2020.  Completing nationally accredited qualifications is an important factor in this equation however where workers are enrolling in courses, such as with LITA Training, training outcomes vary with higher than desired drop-out rates.

LITA Training is a reputable local training provider, servicing predominantly South Australia’s Green Triangle forest region since 1976. Recently, LITA Training partnered with the Green Triangle Forest Industries Hub (GTFIH) and was successful in gaining South Australian government funding, to identify the barriers impacting on the forestry industry’s assurance of an ongoing skilled workforce.

The project seeks to find out whether existing training courses, together with the traditional way that courses are delivered may be hindering the training outcome rates. Without better understanding what is causing the low completion rates, training providers cannot offer training services that support companies with a qualified workforce, for both their immediate and future skill demands.

“The project needs local companies to participate: without input from those at the coal-face, we cannot be sure that we are doing the very best for the industry”, said Sandy Kanahs, LITA Training’s General Manager. “Your insights into your skill needs and how training providers may better respond is most appreciated”.

LITA Training will be inviting industry leaders to share their views in January and February. If you are interested in participating, contact Sandy Kanahs, General Manager, LITA Training:

LITA Training and GTFIH acknowledge the South Australian government and its funding through its Building Capability Project (BCP) initiative.

Further Information: Sandy Kanahs, General Manager, LITA Training: 0409 691 784 or visit