Green Triangle Forest Industries Hub

Improving Qualified Worker Rates – LITA Training review

In early 2021, in partnership with LITA Training, the Green Triangle Forest Industries Hub (GTFIH) embarked on a research project to explore why forestry accredited training retention rates are lower than desired in this region. Through an extensive consultation process with local industry, the project identified that non-completion is a complex issue. The research discovered that forestry employers were, in the main, currently preferring to use non-accredited training unless required by regulatory or licencing obligations. In turn, the project highlighted the challenges facing training providers in supporting industry to appreciate national skills accreditation as the quality skills benchmark. The availability of current and relevant training options was confirmed as an essential criterion in enabling stronger retention rates, together with the need to offer programs in more flexible and accessibility ways that aligned to the typical forestry worker’s shift work environment.

A summary of the Project’s findings and recommendations is now available . As one of the key forestry organisations supporting the Green Triangle region, GTFIH is committed to working with training providers to enable stronger connection and servicing of the local industry.

GTFIH and LITA Training wish to acknowledge the South Australian government and its funding of this project through its Building Capability Project (BCP) initiative and are equally appreciative of the generous contributions of local and national industry stakeholders which informed this project’s findings.