Green Triangle Forest Industries Hub
Media Release: Friday 6 March 2020

Green Triangle Forest Industries Hub announces appointment of Liz McKinnon, Executive General Manager

The Green Triangle Forest Industries Hub (GTFIH) has appointed Liz McKinnon as its inaugural Executive General Manager.

Ms. McKinnon, a resident of the region, is well known, having worked in economic development, tourism and communications for the Glenelg Shire Council since 2015 with prior experience as a
media advisor to former Victorian Premier and Member for South West Coast the Hon Dr Denis Napthine.

GTFIH Chair Linda Sewell said Ms. McKinnon brought the Hub extensive experience in advocacy, communications and stakeholder engagement. “We are delighted to welcome Liz to the Green
Triangle Forest Industries Hub following strong interest in the role,” Ms. Sewell said.

“We have an ambitious plan to meet projected local and global demand for wood and fibre products. Liz brings an expert understanding to the role the Hub can play in supporting vibrant and prosperous regions. She will ensure that the Hub achieves its goals, advances the key issues facing our industry in the Green Triangle and does so whilst remaining true to the GTFIH’s Statement of Commitment.

“All of the members of the GTFIH look forward to Liz leading the Hub’s engagement as we work together to ensure there is an industry in the Green Triangle regions for future generations.”

Ms. McKinnon said she looked forward to joining the GTFIH. “There is no doubt that the Green Triangle forest and timber industries are critical to the economic and social prosperity of our region.”

“I am looking forward to delivering the outcomes of this first of its kind plan and the opportunities to promote and grow the wood fibre sector across the Green Triangle.

“The Hub is committed to working with the sector, government and key stakeholders over the coming months to set a path towards achieving long term social, environmental and economic success.”

“I understand the importance our industry has, beyond the region, where our products fulfil every day needs of Australians, like housing and construction. I will ensure that we focus on supporting the sustainable growth of forestry as the industry works with governments and communities to meet future demand, with a renewable and sustainable resource.”

Ms. McKinnon said she would also be working closely with representatives of the wider industry. “Our industry has really come together and there are fantastic examples of collaboration, like the regional forest industry hubs across Australia. It is incredibly important that we work together and share our learnings so that together we can address the current challenges facing the industry and leverage new business and growth opportunities,” she said.

Ms McKinnon will commence her role on 9 March 2020.


Media contact: Liz McKinnon 0429 154 807 or

About the Green Triangle forest industry
The Green Triangle spans the border between Victoria and South Australia from the council areas of Colac Otway in the east, West Wimmera in the north and Robe in the west. It has some of Australia’s best climate, topography and accessibility for plantations and wood fibre processing. It comprises 17 percent of the nation’s total plantation area, currently generating $1.5 billion in economic output, and directly employs 3000 local workers and indirectly supports the jobs of another 4000 across the region.

About the Green Triangle Forest Industries Hub (GTFIH)
The Green Triangle Forest Industries Hub is a group of nine companies invested in the future of the regional forestry and wood fibre sector. Members include Australian Bluegum Plantations, AKD Softwoods, Borg Manufacturing, Green Triangle Forest Products, HVP Plantations, New Forests, NF McDonnell & Sons, OneFortyOne and Timberlink Australia. The hub covers 90%t of the region’s forest industry and represents a unique cross-section – large and small companies, growers and processors, softwood and hardwood, across Victoria and South Australia.

GTFIH is supported by the Federal Government’s ‘Growing a Better Australia’ initiative, a plan for a billion trees for jobs and growth. Through the policy, regional forest industry hubs facilitate and stimulate growth in the sector in order to meet growing demand for wood fibre and combat climate change.

Download the Federal Government’s Growing a Better Australia – A Billion Trees for Jobs and Growth here

The Green Triangle Forest Industries Hub Statement of Commitment to grow a vibrant
industry, sustainable for the future.

In October 2019 the GTFIH released the following statement:

1. We will work tirelessly to ensure our people go home safe, every day – people before production.
2. We will prioritise domestic processing of wood fibre.
3. We will optimise productivity on our land and in our operations.
4. We will strive to have a positive impact on the environment.
5. We will maximise the role our industry plays in addressing climate change.
6. We will take a united approach to protecting our assets and our community from fire.
7. We will champion diversity and inclusion in our workplaces.
8. We will invest in our people to ensure their skills remain relevant as the industry grows and evolves.
9. We will collaborate with our local communities to ensure we remain economically, environmentally and socially sustainable.
10. We will advocate wood fibre as the ultimate renewable.